Founded in 1987, BSG GEAR LTD. specializes in designing and making gears and gearboxes for rubber & plastic extruders, metalworking, paper converting and printing machinery, and various industrial applications. With constant innovation, R&D and improvement in policy, we turn out high-precision, high-quality products to enhance customers' competitiveness.
We use computer to analyze meticulously-selected materials, design, and process with the latest CNC equipment. To ensure that every detail meets the ISO standards, we adopt precision inspection instruments for stringent QC, and have assembly done by skilled technicians.
Offering exacting design, precision production and stringent QC, we are definitely capable of enhancing customers' competitiveness. Talk to us about joint ventures, and to see how we may be the best partner you can ever find.
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Products support:
-Counter-rotation Gearbox for Twin Screw Extruder
-Co-rotating Twin-screw Extruder
-Direct Drive Gearbox for Extruder
-Gearbox for Extruder
-Right Angle Gearbox
-Hollow Shaft Reducer
-Gearbox for Parallel Shaft
-Large Precision Gear
-Spiral Bevel Gear
-Twin Screw Gear Shaft